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BGWS 010 – Indonesia

Indonesia is a long, heavy eurogame involving logistics of production and delivery and the business of mergers and acquisitions. (33:53) This week, I’m talking about a heavy game – Indonesia by the folks at Splotter Spellen. These are the same people who created other hefty games like Antiquity and Roads and Boats. A game of […]

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BGWS 009 – Santiago

Santiago is a light-weight strategy game about planting and irrigating crops in a hostile environment. Mechanics involve bidding and placing tiles. (12:31) This week, I’m taking a look at Santiago. In this game, you bid for the right to select tiles, bribe one of the players to get irrigation, and set up temporary alliances throughout […]

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BGWS 008 – Why Did the Chicken…

Why Did the Chicken… is a light party game about making up the punchlines to jokes. (9:52) When is Coffee like a Bear? When it’s a-brewin’! (a bruin? get it? har har.) Why Did the Chicken… is a party game based upon jokes. This week, I take a look at this party game. It’s a […]

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BGWS 007 – Lost Cities

Lost Cities – A light two-player card-based game of exploration.(10:50) Lost Cities is one of the most popular small-box two player games by Kosmos (imported by Rio Grande). These games have the flavor of a more complex Eurogame, but are easier to play and are designed specifically for two players. This game has gotten popular […]

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BGWS 006 – Mah Jong In Depth

Mah Jong is a traditional tile-based game similar to Rummy, good for all ages. (23:04) Happy Chinese New Year! To honor the new year, this week’s episode is about Mah Jong! Mah Jong is not about matching pairs of tiles, despite the hundreds of computer games with that name. This is akin to calling a […]

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BGWS 005 – Heroscape

Heroscape – A light miniatures battle game that is good for kids and adults.(12:13) Based upon a suggestion from a viewer, I’ve decided to look at a game that you can get at your local toy store (as compared to the specialty shops for many of these games). This is a miniature battle game called […]

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BGWS 004 – Adel Verpflichtet / Hoity Toity

Adel Verplichtet is a classic eurogame about choosing actions secretly based upon what you think the others will pick. (9:28) This week in Board Games with Scott, I take a look at a game that I’ve got some sentimental feelings for, Adel Verpflichtet. This is a blind selection Eurogame that was Game of the Year […]

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BGWS 003 – Friedrich

Friedrich – a heavy euro/wargame hybrid where one strong player takes on the others using a card-driven combat system. (12:35) This week on Board Games with Scott, I take a look at Friedrich. This game is much deeper that other games I’ve looked at so far, but part of what I’m going to do with […]

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BGWS 002 – Hoopla

Hoopla – a cooporative party game made by the Cranium people.(10:04) This week, I talk about the party game Hoopla. This is mostly an explanation and example of how the game works, with a bit of review at the end. Watch the video at YouTube or download it as a Quicktime file or in other […]

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Special Episode – Board Games 101

Class is in session! (32:14) In response to a request, I’ve created a half-hour tutorial talking about the current landscape of boardgames. In this vlog, I first discuss the four major weights of boardgames and then address game mechanics through brief discussions of about 30 games. You can find the list of games at […]

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