About BGWS

This is a video series about many different types of board games. Up until Episode 65, my goal was to cover one game in each episode. Starting with Episode 65, the show changed to become more of a comparison and evaluation show. A new game may be the trigger for an episode, but you won’t see the rules explained for any games. Instead, Scott will explore a mechanic, theme, or lineage of games from more of a scholarly perspective.

You can learn more about me at http://scottnicholson.com

About Negative Reviews:
Pre-Episode 65:
You may notice that all of the reviews here on BGWS are positive reviews. It takes between 10-20 hours to make each video, and I’m not interested in spending that much time on a game that I’m not passionate about. Something about a game has to get me excited for me to present it here and spend that kind of time talking about the game. Therefore, I’m not going to do reviews of games that I feel negatively about on BGWS.

Post-Episode 65:
Now that I am doing more of an analysis of games, you may see some negative reviews. I do plan on doing some critical analysis of games. The important thing to remember is that – positive or negative – how I feel about a game is how _I_ feel about a game. Different players in different stages of their game exploration will feel differently. Someone new to modern board games may see a mechanic as fresh and new, while someone with experience is very tired of that mechanic.

I am involved with another podcast – On Board Games – where I talk about games that didn’t make it to the BGWS studios. In addition, I do negative reviews over on Scott’s Stuff at http://www.youtube.com/user/snicholson


Unless I explicitly state otherwise in a review, please assume that I have been given the game to review for free.

I receive games from Funagain Games and many game publishers. Some of the games shown were not purchased and were sent to me for review. Other games were purchased through normal channels. Regardless of the method by which I acquires a game, games still must meet the standards of the show to be reviewed. Many review copies games received by me are not reviewed on the show. My opinions on a game have nothing to do with the method of acquisition of the game.

My other option would be to not take any money from the industry and purchase all the games for the show. If I did this, I would have to make back the money some how, so I would have to charge you to watch Board Games with Scott. Getting the games from the publishers means that I don’t have to charge viewers for the show.