BGWS 002 – Hoopla

Hoopla – a cooporative party game made by the Cranium people.(10:04)

This week, I talk about the party game Hoopla. This is mostly an explanation and example of how the game works, with a bit of review at the end.

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or download it as a Quicktime file or in other formats at the Internet Archive.

BGWS 002 Audio Only

Purchase Hoopla at Funagain.

Learn more about Hoopla at Boardgamegeek.

If you purchased this game because of Board Games with Scott, let the publisher know!

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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  1. LOL, now that was a fun episode. I was shouting the answers at the monitor! I’ll have to check this game out. I think it would be perfect for my family.

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