BGWS 050 – Prophecy

Prophecy is a fantasy adventure boardgame where players build up mighty heroes to gain control of artifacts (30:20)

Prophecy, illness designed by Through the Ages designer Vladimír Chvátil, see was originally put out by Czech Board Games, sick and has since been published by Z-Man games and Altar games. It is a fantasy board game in the ilk of Talisman, where players build up characters to achieve greater things in life. Games like this and Descent have their roots in Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games.

In this episode of Board Games with Scott, Scott Nicholson explains how to play this game.

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BGWS 050 – Board Games with Scott 050 – Prophecy from Scott Nicholson on Vimeo.


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You can order this game through Funagain games.

If you do decide to order the game because of this episode, let the folks at Z-Man know at or Altar games know at .

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