BGWS 046 – 18xx

18xx is a series of complex economic train games where players invest and manage multiple train lines, set in the 1800’s. (42:03)

The 18xx series of games are a long-standing series of economic train games. Players invest in one or more train corporations and manage their routes on a board. In this episode of Board Games with Scott, Scott Nicholson discusses the series of the 18xx games. This episode is not traditional in that Scott doesn’t teach you a specific game. Since each game in the 18xx series is different, Scott focuses on the topics that most have in common. These games are long but can provide a rewarding and deep game experience.

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You can order 1870 through Funagain Games (although it’s temporarily out of stock). If you do decide to order the game because of this episode, let the folks at Mayfair Games know at, as this does make a difference!

All of’s 18xx games can be found at

You can order 18FL through Deep Thought Games.

There are some sample 18XX games in a “Learning to Play” series at BoardGameGeek at and

There is a Yahoo group to discuss 18XX at

Also, a plethora of 18xx information is available at Keith Thomasson’s site –

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