Special Episode – Board Games 101

Class is in session! (32:14)

In response to a request, I’ve created a half-hour tutorial talking about the current landscape of boardgames. In this vlog, I first discuss the four major weights of boardgames and then address game mechanics through brief discussions of about 30 games. You can find the list of games at http://boardgameswithscott.com/bgws/list.html

You can view Board Games 101 at YouTube (Flash)

You can also download the high quality file for Board Games 101 (Quicktime) or get it in other formats from the Internet Archive.

BGWS Overview Audio Only

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  1. Rob Cannon said

    Wanted to leave you some comments. First, I really like what you are trying to do and I think the results are wonderful.

    I think actually seeing the games out in the open greatly helps. In particular, the show where you played Wits & Wagers did a great job of selling the game. I am eager to pick that one up.

    Finally, it would be great if all of the shows were available as .MOV files that were attachments to the RSS Feed. That way someone with a video iPod (not me yet!) could subscribe via iTunes and just get the videos that way. Very simple!

    Thanks for you efforts!

  2. Thanks for the comments! I’ve actually done this (I think – I’m new to it), but the RSS feed does link to the .mov file. I’ve submitted it to iTunes, and it’s in the approval process.

  3. Absolutely entertaining.

  4. Absolutely entertaining.

  5. Tom said

    Wow, great job Scott! Very comprehensive overview of the hobby. I also liked your two reviews so far (as well as the spots on HourCNY), and am looking forward to your future reviews, like Friedrich. Good luck with the vlog.

  6. Tom said

    Wow, great job Scott! Impressive comprehensive overview of the hobby in Board Games 101. I also liked the two reviews so far (as well as the HourCNY spots), am looking forward to future reviews, like Friedrich. Good luck with the vlog.

  7. Evil Timmy said

    Cool idea! I’m endeavoring to create a local public access TV show on boardgames. Now I can just steal all your good ideas :p But seriously, very cool.

  8. Anonymous said

    Hi Scott,

    Great idea. I really like this approach. A very easy & nice way to learn new games.

    I look forward to your next review!

    Erik (a European Euro-gamer)

  9. Dave Ruffeski said

    Scott – truly excellent video! I really believe you have hit on something great here! I will be checking in often! For everyone else watching – let Scott know!!

    From up here in frozen Canada, keep up the great work Scott!

  10. Faces North said

    I liked the reviews of the individual games, as well as the idea of this Board Games 101 episode – however watching it got a little boring because I wanted to know more about the individual games. It was too long with not enough going on (kind of like Monopoly).

  11. Anonymous said

    i agree with rob cannon, and in order to make your feed point to the video, you should include something like the following in your entry-tag:

    … all other tags …
    link-tag with these attributes:
    type=”video/whatever you format”
    href=”http://your video file”
    length=”in bytes”

    keep up the great work!

  12. Actually, I’d rather have the default link point to the Youtube video rathat than my own hosted .mov file.

    You can find BGWS on Itunes now – ITunes is picking out the .mov file from the blog post content. Go search for “Board Games with Scott” in Itunes and you’ll find it!

  13. tpancoast said

    I’m a little late catching up with these. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one to think of Bohnanza when that GameFly commecial talks about “Bean Farmer Extreme!”. 🙂

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