BGWS 039 – Yspahan

Yspahan is a strategy game where players play the role of merchants, occupying souks and caravans in order to score points in this quick 30-minute game (20:06)

Yspahan is a clever and short strategy game. Where there is a theme, it doesn’t really match up with the gameplay, but is still fun. Players place cubes in shops in the city of Yspahan, and if they can occupy all the shops of a color in a district at the end of a week, score points. You can also score points by sending your cubes to a caravan and by building new buildings that give you special abilities. There are many strategies and ways to get points in this interesting little game.

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Watch the episode with Spanish subtitles at

You can order Yspahan through Funagain Games.

If you decide to purchase a copy of Yspahan because of this video, let the publisher know! In the US, it is Rio Grande games at, and elsewhere, Ystari games at This does make a difference! Disclaimer: I did get a review copy of this game from the publisher.

A big thanks to Scott Tepper for teaching me the game and giving me the inspiration to name the quadrants!

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