New BGWS episodes


I have good news, more good news, bad news, good news, and a request.

The good news:
This semester, I’ve been promoted at work to Program Director of the Masters of Science in Library and Information Science program, which is an administrative position where I plan courses, marketing, find adjuncts, and basically run that academic program.

The more good news:
I’m also starting on a new research agenda looking at “Gaming in Libraries.” Many libraries are offering gaming programs, but the focus seems to be on video games. I want to systematically explore the whole spectrum of games as to what formats and types of games would be best for different age groups and demographics based upon the goals of the library.

The bad news:
This means I am swamped. I’m traveling more, I’m in more meetings, and I’m much busier than before. This will ebb and flow as the semester goes, but right now, it is flowing.

Given my new responsibilities, I will not be keeping to a two-week schedule for new episodes. I will continue to do the show, but the shows will come out when I have the time. When I have more free time, you’ll see more episodes, and when I’m very busy, you’ll see fewer. I don’t want to burn out by forcing them out, as that will show in their passion and quality. I also am not going to take shortcuts to “just get them out the door;” I’m making permanent resources at BGWS, and as such, I’m focusing on quality and not quantity.

If you want more videos, I’d encourage you to grab your friends and a camera and make some! Making these has been fun and a great boon to my gaming career, so I would encourage anyone who has the passion to give it a shot!

Finally, the good news again:
I’m working with a few others to do an audio podcast. I will be doing a segment where I explore games that don’t quite drive my passion enough for me to make a video, but I still find have something worth talking about. I’ll post information about this as it becomes available. So, you’ll soon still get your regular dose of Scott, just in easy-to-swallow audio format.

So, here’s my plea:
Please don’t write asking when the next one is coming out. When I have the time, I’ll make one. If I decide to quit making them, I’ll tell everyone.

Thanks for your consideration!


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