Welcome to Board Games with Scott!

To those of you coming here from The 9 (http://9.yahoo.com/2006/12/11/), welcome to my show!

Each episode I do is about a different board game. Some of my shows are about party games, others about family games, and some about strategy games.

Here are a few good starting points:

– Are party games your style? Then check out Wits & Wagers or Gift Trap

– Want a good game for the family? Take a look at Carcassone: The Discovery or Ticket to Ride

– How about something a little more strategic? Visit Blue Moon City or Masons

– Or, for a brief overview of many different games, there is the Board Games 101 show.

No matter what you explore, you can use the RSS feed, Itunes subscription, or E-mail notifcation (all on the right-hand side) to learn when there are new shows.

Enjoy, and may your Monopoly board be covered with dust!


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