BGWS 035 – BattleLore

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BattleLore is a two-player light tactical war game that can be played in a historical or fantasy setting. (28:06)

This week on Board Games with Scott, host Scott Nicholson discusses BattleLore. This game is in the lineage of Battle Cry, Memoir ’44, and Command and Colors: Ancients. It is a card-driven war game where two players fight it out for dominance of the battlefield. It’s elegant design makes it simple to get into and understand, but allows for more complexity than one might expect.

Please note – Scott is taking a break over the holidays, and this will be the only episode released in December. Look for the next episode in the first half of January!

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You can order BattleLore through Funagain Games.

If you decide to purchase a copy of BattleLore because of this video, let the publisher know at This does make a difference! Disclaimer: I did get a review copy of this game from the publisher.

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