BGWS 031 – Du Balai / Wicked Witches Way

Du Balai is a fantasy-themed puzzle game where players all play at the same time trying to find one of two solutions. (15:29)

Note – I’m posting this a week early, as I’m heading to Essen soon. The next episode of BGWS will be posted Nov. 3rd, so if you need to, ration this episode appropriately.

This week on Board Games with Scott, Scott Nicholson takes a look at the French game, Du Balai. (It has since come out in English as Wicked Witches Way.) In this game, players are witches and warlocks flying in a broom race. To advance, players must figure out one of two spells by looking for unique single-color symbols rolled on a large quantity of dice. This type of game is known as a simultaneous puzzle game, as players are all working on the same puzzle at the same time.

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If you decide to purchase a copy of Du Balai because of this video, let the publisher, Asmodee Games, know through an e-mail to This does make a difference! Disclaimer: I did get a review copy of this game from the publisher.

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