BGWS 030 – Ad Acta with designer Andrea Meyer

Ad Acta is a game about being a civil servant involving card and queue management and a good dose of humor. (25:20)

This week on Board Games with Scott, designer Andrea Meyer joins Scott Nicholson to talk about her game, Ad Acta. This game takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to civil servitude as players attempt to get their work done at the right time while delaying the work of others. Andrea also talks about two of her other games, Wordwild and Hossa, and discusses some of the issues in being a game designer and a game publisher.

The site for Andrea’s company, Bewitched Spiele, is at

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I make one small mistake in the video – during a rules review, I say that the messenger takes files from the inbox. They actually take files from the outbox.

You can order Ad Acta (and support BGWS) through Funagain Games.

If you decide to purchase a copy of Ad Acta because of this video, let the publisher, Bewitched Spiele, know through an e-mail to

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