Game Sale and Updates


As I’ve closed down the show, I’ve decided to sell off about 350 of my games (which is about a third of my collection, so I’m not selling everything!) You can find information about the sale at

You can still hear me on the On Board Games podcast. I was particularly happy with Episode 58, where we talked about ideas we are working on as game designers. You can hear that episode at

During the last few months, I’ve been writing about games in two places.

First – I’ve been looking at larger issues in board games as the Game Professor over at Board Game Info. You can find these posts over at and there is an RSS feed at

Second – I’ve started a blog on Board Game Geek called “Get Off My Lawn.” This is a very different take about games – I’m taking aspects of games that bother me for some reason and talking about them. My hope is that it will help future designers to see things about their game that might bother some players. This is Grumpy Old Man Nicholson, who has been in the background for years during Board Games with Scott, enjoying his time to grouse about games. You can read these posts over at or get an RSS feed at

I will be doing a teaching video about Republic of Rome, as that was the winner in the auction for Jack Vasel. I’m reading the rules, but have a play of it on the schedule for later in April, so I expect to work on this video in May.

Finally, I am getting ideas for a “Things I Regret” BGWS video, where I do some of the bits and games that I truly regretted not getting around to for BGWS.

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