BGWS 070: Breaking Up the Monopoly

Scott talks about games that might be good next steps after Monopoly. (17:56)

In this episode of Board Games with Scott, host Scott Nicholson talks about Monopoly. He takes each aspect of the game and recommends other games related to each aspect.

This would be a great episode to send on to those who are new to the world of modern board games! Here is a link you could use that skips the introduction and starts right at the Welcome for New Folks:

If you are new, welcome!

(Cultural Reference for the introduction: (NSFW) ).

Download Board Games with Scott 070 – Breaking Up the Monopoly from the Internet Archive. (Other formats available).

or watch it here:

You can order these games through Funagain Games:
That’s Life
Settlers of Catan
I’m the Boss
High Society
Monopoly Deal

If you do decide to buy any of these games due to Board Games with Scott, please contact the publisher of the game and let them know. This does make a difference, as it helps the publishers to realize the importance of what we are doing.

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