BGWS 012 – Antike

Antike is a German empire-building/logistics game that plays in under two hours. (24:14)

Greetings! Welcome to Board Games with Scott, a weekly show where I take a board game, explains it, and briefly reviews it. This week, I’m going to look at Antike, which came out at the Essen game fair in 2005. Antike is an empire building game where each player builds up troops, which he/she uses to take over new pieces of land, build more cities, produce more goods, use some of those goods for research, and fights the other players. It’s got a few interesting elements and (usually) very fast turns, so downtime is minimal. The game rarely takes more than 2 hours, with most games I’ve played lasting under 90 minutes.

Board Games with Scott 012 – Antike (Streaming Flash through YouTube)

Board Games with Scott 012 – Antike (Lower-quality Quicktime)

Board Games with Scott 012 – Antike (High-quality Quicktime)

BGWS 012 – Audio Only

Discuss Antike at BoardGameGeek.

If you purchased this game because of Board Games with Scott, let the publisher, Eggert-Spiele, know!

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  1. Shawn Dumas said

    Just found your site… Fantastic job, keep up the excellent work!

    I just bought Pizza Box Football an have yet to play so I am especially looking forward to another entertaining and through video review.

    Thank you!

  2. Ogma said

    Nice presentation, as usual, but was that your friggin’ heartbeat we could hear when you started discussing the purpose of the roundel??? I found that quite unsettling coming through my subwoofer… BOOM-BOOM… BOOM-BOOM… 🙂

  3. Matt said

    Nice job once again. Looks like an interesting game.

  4. Naturelich said

    Wonderful show, Scott. I like Antike, too. A few variants have recently been posted on BGG – looks pretty interesting. Is it true: I read that you played this with Alan R. Moon a couple of times?

  5. Pat_Garret said

    Very good job. I very like your show and it always gives me a great fun. Antil I watched your show I haven’t knowed about Antike. I was looking about it but nowhere I can faind it (I live in Poland). But I have noticed Mare Nostrum. It is very similar like Antike so I’ll probably buy it. And again big congratulaions for scott’s show.

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