BGWS 024 – Die Macher

Die Macher is a 5 hour heavy strategy game about German Politics. It is, however, one of the classic euro-style games. (56:35)

This week on Board Games with Scott, I’m looking at the granddaddy eurogame, Die Macher. Die Macher is a heavy procedural strategy game that takes about 5 hours to play. It is complex with several interlocking systems, and becuase of the complexity, has been the most-requested game so far here at BGWS.

That said, this is also a long video – it’s almost an hour. (Yes, I realize the files are large, but it’s an hour of video!) I’ve tried to the essentials and have a sample turn in there at the end to help you put everything together.

To enjoy this video, you can click on the picture below:


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Valley Games is republishing the game, and you can order it from their Website. (If you do so because of Board Games with Scott, let them know! It makes a difference.)

You can download many fine player aids over at BoardGamegeek. Some of my favorites are this player aid (back) (front) and the English scoring sheet.

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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