BGWS 011 – Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a light strategy game great for those new to modern board games. It’s about collecting sets of train cards to travel from city to city with the goal of fulfilling hidden routes. (12:02)
This week in Board Games with Scott, I’m looking at Ticket to Ride. If you’ve never done any games other than Monopoly, Clue, or Scrabble, this would be a great first step into the world of modern board games. In this video, I explain the rules of the game and briefly review it (and throw in a little entertainment along the way).

Board Games with Scott 011 – Ticket to Ride
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Board Games with Scott 011 – Ticket to Ride (Lower-Quality QuickTime; 58 MB)

Board Games with Scott 011 – Ticket to Ride (High-Quality QuickTime; 171 MB)

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  1. Matt said


    Great review as usual. Seems like an interesting game. Can’t wait to see your next review.

  2. Dracil said

    Yay, first review of a game I own. I should probably just send my friends this link instead of trying to explain the game to them myself.

  3. Cay said

    Very clear and convincing review and example, I’m sure I’ll get a copy myself next week! Thanks, Scott!

  4. Naturelich said

    Well, since I personally love TtR this is probably my favorite show so far. Very well explained – enjoyed watching this!

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