BGWS 019 – Thurn and Taxis

Thurn and Taxis is a light strategy game about delivering mail to cities in Germany (17:01)

This week on Board Games with Scott, I’m taking a look at Thurn and Taxis, which is the newest game by Andreas and Karen Seyfarth. This is a light strategy game that is about delivering the mail! It’s a game about collecting cards that represent cities in Germany to make mail routes. Throughout the game, if you are one of the first players to visit specified sets of cities, you’ll get bonus points.

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Purchase this game (and support BGWS) through Funagain Games.

Talk about the game over at BoardGameGeek.

If you decide to purchase this game after watching BGWS, please write Rio Grande Games or (U.S) or Hans im Glueck (Germany) and let them know you made your decision based on the show! Disclaimer: I did get a review copy of this game from the publisher.

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  1. Scott Russell said

    Hi Scott,

    In general, I like your shows. Games are fun and you do a good job of sharing your enthusiasm as well as explaining the rules and concepts of the game.

    I do have one suggestion for your presentation. Slow your gestures down. Especially during closeups when you are showing a card or chit, your hand is constantly in motion and we can’t see the card. Other times, the speed of your hands makes your movements look a little jerky. (I have the same problem with presenting, especially on video, so please take this suggestion as a helpful, not critical. )

    This is an interesting medium, do you have feedback from companies as to whether you are selling games for them? I am the only one in the house that will watch them and I am a hopeless addict already. 🙂

    Happy Gaming,

  2. James said

    Great show, Scott

    i won’t be getting the game as its a bit too similar to ticket to ride and puerto rico for my tastes.

    I know its old but I would like a Tigris and Euphrates video demonstration on how to play the game. Ive read a few reviews but the gameplay always seems to lose me.

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