Reminder and Request

This is just a reminder that BGWS is moving to a biweekly schedule, so there won’t be an episode this week.

Now, I have a request. I was listening to the Have Games will Travel blog, and Paul Tevis has a suggestion for his readers that I would like to present here.

One of the things I’ve started doing is contacting publishers with requests to get some upcoming games in order to create a BGWS episode by the time the game is released. It would certainly help me with these requests if the publishers knew that my show made a difference.

So, my request:

If you bought a game becuase of a BGWS episode, please write the publisher of the game and let them know. It doesn’t need to be much – just a short e-mail will help the publishers see the value of what I’m doing and make it easier for me to continue the show.

To make this task easier for you, I’ve added a link to each blog entry to the publisher’s Contact Us page (when I could find it).



  1. Sturek said

    I will certainly do that, as you made me purchase Ticket to Ride (with a little help by GamingSteve I might add), Apples to Apples and Um Krone und Kragen.
    I think that Blogs in general have a very high potential to make people buy stuff the writer recommends. Maybe even more than magazines, because blogs are much more personal, which I love about the whole blogging thing.
    So, that said, I’m going to write Days of Wonder and Amigo, but I have no idea who published Apples to Apples in America, the German version is from Pegasus Spiele, but I guess German games without a translation wouldn’t help to much, or do you speak German ?

  2. I’ve gone into each of my blog entries and added a link to the publisher’s Contact Us page when I could find them.

    Apples to Apples was published in the US by Out-of-the-Box games, and their contact page is at

  3. Matt said

    I don’t have any of the games that you have reviewed. I’m new to the Euro gaming community so the only game I have so far is Carcassonne. You can be assured that when I do purchase a game that you have reviewed, I will be more than happy to help you with your project.

    Keep up the good work.

    Matt D.

  4. Erik Smith said


    I think you and Paul have a great idea to connect your shows with games your listeners/viewers decide to purchase.

    To take it a step futher, I’d encourage you to ask your listeners / viewers which games they might be most interested in learning more about. Perhaps you could present them a list of the games you’re considering presenting. The could rank their interest from those on the list.

    Any publisher surely would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

    I also think that retailers would benefit from knowing what games you were going to present. They could either use the information to be sure they had the game in stock or use the show’s content to promote the game in their store. And the staff could use the show to become more knowledgeable about what’s inside the box.

    Again, your viewers can tell you which stores they prefer to buy through, and you can start building a relationship with your viewers’ stores.

    Lastly, your favorite FLGS uses distributors to stock their games. If you can get testimonials from stores that encourage viewers to check out your program, the distributor could use your upcoming program list to suggest that stores are carrying the games you feature. This way, your viewers will have a better chance at finding games like Antike at their FLGS.

    Keep up the great work!

    All the best,

    Erik Smith
    On The Line Game Company
    The Makers of Pizza Box Football
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  5. LuXo said

    I haven’t bought any of the games you’ve reviewed… but some of them are high in my priority list due to your review. So when i buy some of them next month probably ill write them.

    Keep it up!

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