BGWS 017 – Um Krone und Kragen

This is a dice game that is similar to Yahtzee with more strategy and special abilities. (20:07)

This week on Board Games with Scott, I’m going to talk about Um Krone und Kragen, which is a 2006 dice game where your goal is to impress royalty by rolling dice well. In the game, you roll and attempt to make good combinations of dice. Many different combinations will bring royalty cards to your side, which you can then use to become more powerful for your next attempt.

While the game is for 2-5 players, I suggest you play it with no more than 4. In fact, at a recent event, I pulled out two copies in order to have 2 3-player games rather than one large game. The game doesn’t change much with more players and only gets longer.

You can watch it right here:

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You can also watch it with Spanish subtitles at

Purchase this game soon through Funagain Games or talk about this game at BoardGameGeek.

If you plan to buy this game becuase of this show, let the publisher, Amigo, know!

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  1. T.J. said


    I love watching your reviews. Almost all the games you have reviewed have found their way on to my Buy list. You do such a great job. Keep up the good work.

    Now I have a question about this game. Is there anywhere that I can get a copy now? This game looks competely awesome and I want one, but I can’t find it anywhere. I am impatient and don’t want to wait for August 🙁


  2. I actually ordered my copy from Adam Spielt, which is a German company . You can go right to their English site at

    Shipping is a LOT of money, however, so I would suggest putting together a big order, perhaps with others. I’ve ordered from them several times before, and have always gotten my games in 2 weeks.

  3. Jim Brooks said

    I recently ordered and recieved a copy of Um Krone und Kragen from I think they are out of stock at the moment, but you could contact them to see if/when they will get restocked.

  4. Mary Weisbeck said

    Thanks, Scott. I might have overlooked this one if you hadn’t demonstrated it. It looks like a great way to interest new people in Euro-games because it’s so close to a game that’s familiar to them.

  5. Shawn Dumas said

    It is now available from

    (Edit from Scott: will get you the game and give BGWS a little bit in the process.)

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