BGWS 016 – The Fury of Dracula

The Fury of Dracula is a deduction/roleplaying game where one player is Dracula attempting to hide and ambush the other players, who form a team. (25:31)

This week, Board Games with Scott is an exploration of The Fury of Dracula, a 2006 remake of an 1987 Games Workshop board game (back when they made a line of great boardgames).

One player plays Dracula and moves around the board in secret. The other players work together to discover him, tightening their trap until they pummel Dracula into goo..err…dust. Dracula is trying to hide during the day (and usually run during the night), leaving behind his Sires and traps for the players. The game has a built-in timer, and if Dracula can stay alive long enough, he will win the game.

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Purchase this game (and help BGWS get new games to review) through Funagain Games.

If you bought this game becuase of Board Games with Scott, let the publisher, Fantasy Flight, know! Disclaimer: I did get a review copy of this game from the publisher.

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  1. jatoha said

    Another great video! Maybe I’m missing it, but I wish that you would list how long the video is so I can plan when to watch it.

  2. That’s a great suggestion. I’ll add times to all of them, right after the first sentence description.

  3. ekted said

    Could you perhaps find a better host (FunAgain?) for your video files? I love to watch the high-res ones, but your bandwidth is so low that it takes hours.

  4. The issue here is the bandwidth; as you know, those HQ files can be in the 200-300 MB range. The Internet Archive (which is that host) is free.

    I’ve thought about a few things – trying to set up a subscription model to allow access to the HQ videos on a server that I pay for, for example. I’m also considering releasing DVDs with the HQ versions, special episodes, and other fun features.

    Perhaps the next thing I should try is BitTorrent. I’ve not done much with Torrents, but I know they have proven to be successful as a distributed file-sharing network.

  5. ekted said

    Bittorrent is a fantasic idea. If there are enough downloaders, we could get the files in 1/10th the time.

  6. FreakFire74 said

    Hey there Scott!

    Great review!!! You just convinced me to buy this game tomorrow!!

    Thanks a lot and good luck with the site!


  7. Manowarplayer (Scott) said

    Another entertaining show! I’ll be teaching Fury of Dracula to my regular gaming group this coming Friday and it was very helpful to see how you went about it. I have to agree with you on your overall opinion, the game is really more of a constant cat and mouse game where Dracula has to continually evade the hunters than a game of Dracula running during the day only to pounce on the hunters at night.

    I’m sure someone will come up with a nice variant or two to make it more “bloody”. It’s still lots of fun regardless!

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Hi Scott,

    I enjoyed the show a good deal. I was wondering about the differences between this one and the old GW classic and it sure helped for you to show them off. In the old game, we never had a problem with Dracula seeming too weak. Some of the other mechanics changes are interesting…but I think I’m sticking with my classic GW one. We’re planning on talking about this game (along with the rest of the GW line) soon on BGB so I appreciate you describing the new one so we could get an idea of what has changed.

    Great as always and thanks for doing the audio only versions, too. We commuters appreciate it!


  9. frarobertooo said

    Fury of Buffy! ROTFL!
    Anyway, thank you for this review. I’m becoming a lazy guy for read written review so I like your video ones.
    I don’t like the fact that Nosferatu is a weak monster, there is no thrill to split a group of stronger hunters. Usually in Hollywood films we have an opposite situation that bring tension. If the group wants to split up the people must cleverly cooperate and evaluate the opponent power, trying to do not put them in a weaker position.

  10. Michael said

    Actually, the game is – unintentionnally? – very true to Stoker’s book (most people just know the films, but few have read the novel, and never a movie true to this story was made – no, even not Coppola’s Dracula – which is probably a good thing, as the book very often really drags and drags). In the novel there seems to be this recurring situation: the hunters hear of Dracula’s current location, they speed to this location, but when they arrive, they just missed him again…

    Hey – nice page, and really well produced and entertaining videos!

  11. gnome said

    Just found your blog, and I must admit it’s amazing… Quite a time sink for the first time visitor mind you… Oh, and for bittorent you could have a look at legal torrents and see if they can help (

    Cheers and Cheers!!

  12. Jason said

    Sounds like the game fits Stokers book quite nicely. Dracula *did* spend most of his time running away. Dracula was dangerous because he preyed on the weak, turning them into vamps – not battling the heros once the sun sank. That idea didn’t creep into the genre until film.

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