BGWS 061 – Tulipmania 1637

Tulipmania 1637 is an economic stock market game that simulates a bubble market. (22:07)

Scott made a game! Originally due out at Essen 2008, Tulipmania 1637 has finally made it through the production process. It’s out in the UK, where it’s being published, and will be coming to the US in September 2009.

Because Scott made this game, this episode of BGWS is not an objective review. You will learn about the game, and should be able to decide if it’s something for you.

You can download Board Games with Scott 061 – Tulipmania 1637 from the Internet Archive. (other formats available).

Or, you can watch it here through Vimeo:

BGWS 061: Tulipmania 1637 from Scott Nicholson on Vimeo.

You can order Tulipmania 1637 through Funagain Games!

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