BGWS Mission Statement

There’s been some talk about podcasting in general. One of the things I feel strongly about is that shows need to have a good sense of identity. This helps the show focus on its goal and aids users in determining if a show is right for them.

Here are some of the core concepts of Board Games with Scott:

Basic Concept
Each show is about a single game or family of games. The duration of shows range from 10-30ish minutes, based on the complexity of the game. The primary goal of the show is to explain the game in enough detail to allow the viewer to decide if they are interested in the game. I am a teacher in the real world and am going to use those skills to provide a useful resource.

Intended Audience
The intended audience for BGWS are those who have not played the game. These people may be new to the hobby or may be new just to that game. Those whom have played the game will not learn much from the episodes, although they may be entertained or may learn how to teach a game more effectively.

Depth of Review
It is not the goal of BGWS to present a critical review of a game. In order to present a thorough, critical review of a game, there must be a baseline of understanding the basics of the game. BGWS will provide a background for others to critically review the game as these other reviewers then don’t have to focus on the basics of the game. Personally, I prefer playing many games instead of focusing on a few, so I am not a good resource for critical reviews of a game.

Negative Reviews
Given that a primary goal of BGWS is to draw new people into the hobby, I have decided to avoid negative reviews. I am going to focus my shows on the games I’m enthusiastic about. If a game isn’t something I enjoy, then I won’t talk about it on BGWS.

BGWS is modeled after a cooking or a travel show (as compared to a movie review show). Games are a process and an experience that you are involved with. Unlike a passive medium (like a movie, play, or book), the gaming experience comes from an interaction of the people and the game. It’s similar to cooking or travel in that the experience comes from both the people and the item. Cooking and travel shows also focus on positive experience and spend more time explaining and describing the experience, and then briefly comment on how good the food is or how nice the trip was. This is becuase these experiences will vary based upon the people involved, so an appropriate “review” is enough information to allow the individual to decide if that is something they want to engage in.

Two of my favorite hosts of these shows are Alton Brown, with his cooking/science show, Good Eats, and Samanatha Brown with her travel shows, Great Hotels and Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown. Both hosts bring humor and outright silliness (sometimes bordering on the absurd) and mix it up with facts. I enjoy this approach and attempt to do the same.

Selecting Games for Review
I pick games from my collection. So, if I don’t have something, I can’t pick it. If you have a game you’d like me to consider, send me an e-mail at and I’ll let you know if I see a match.


  1. Nathan Feuerborn said

    Scott, I really have enjoyed and I appreciate your work thus far! Keep up the great work! I love how you reveal each game so well and do it in you own lighthearted manner. Keep having fun!

  2. Steve McIlhatton said

    I too really appreciate the effort you put in Scott. Keep it up!

    As for games I’d like to see you do video reviews of here’s a list I’ve picked from your collection.

    7 Ages
    Arkham Horror
    Die Macher
    El Grande
    Magic Realm
    Princes of the Renaissance
    Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648

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