BGWS 014 – Ticket to Ride Europe, Switzerland and Märklin

TTR Europe, Switzerland and Märklin are all different games based on the TTR base game. (31:39)

Welcome to Board Games with Scott! This is a weekly show where I take a different board game each week, review it, and lightly review it. This week, I’m looking at three games – all of them variants on Ticket to Ride.

Europe, Switzerland (in the computer game), and Märklin are all different board with different rulesets to make the Ticket to Ride game interesting to different types of players. If you haven’t played Ticket to Ride yet, watch Board Games with Scott 011 – Ticket to Ride first, then come back and watch this.

Note – YouTube has just changed their policy and I can’t put up any videos longer than 10 minutes, so I won’t be using YouTube any more.

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Board Games with Scott 014 – Ticket to Ride Europe, Switzerland and Märklin> (260 MB, high-quality quicktime)

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Here are the BoardGameGeek pages for the Ticket to Ride Series.

If you bought this game becuase of Board Games with Scott, let the publisher, Days of Wonder, know! Disclaimer: I did get a review copy of this game from the publisher.

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  1. Subey said

    Boardgames with Scott… now with Celebrities!

    Every show is stronger than the previous one, thanks for doing these

  2. Ferox said


  3. Eric Demers said

    Great! Although I tried to download the high resolution and the link doesn’t work. 🙁

    I liked the surprise and actually, I was thinking that it would be great to see that!

    It just shows how much your show is actually viewed! Good work!

  4. Ogma said

    Holy crap! How did you manage to coordinate THAT little surprise?!?!

    Well done!

  5. tpancoast said

    By the way, nice surprise! 🙂

  6. Matt said

    Ticket to Ride looks like an interesting game. I’m sold.

    Nice job Scott.

  7. jhenke said

    First episode I’ve watched, good job Scott. :o)

    A neat preview of Marklin, I’m looking forward to it. Nice of Mr. Moon to drop in and give his inputs on it. Seems like it was a fun shoot.

    Keep at it and thanks for the effort you’re putting forth in spreading the hobby!

  8. Paralepsis said

    They just keep getting better! Keep up the good work!

  9. Naturelich said

    Hello Scott,

    being a TtR fan myself you can imagine my surprise when I watched the show. It simply blew me away. Thanks for doing this show (and all the others) and keep up the great great work!


  10. Nellie said

    I don’t suppose you’ll let us in on how this surprise came about, Scott?

  11. >I don’t suppose you’ll let us in on how this surprise came about, Scott?
    As I said in the video, I was waiting for my copy and he rushed right over with it!


    Well, we met on a night train to Budapest, and the rest was history.


    Hmm, well, one time, at band camp…

    still no?

    Ok, Ok… Alan is spending some time in Syracuse while his wife works on a law degree here.

  12. Julian Egelstaff said

    Wow, does he ever come out to your Syracuse Board Gamers meets?


  13. Well, you’ll have to come out to Syracuse and see for yourself! 🙂

  14. Hmm, I might just take you up on that. I live in Toronto, not too far away, and there’s an active gaming group here as well:

    Some other people in the group might be interested, we could make a field trip out of it. An international gathering of gamers! 🙂


  15. Some might even call it a convention.

    Seriously, if there is a time when you want to come down, let us know well ahead of time, and we can make a day out of it. Many of us work with the university, so have more time off in the summers; perhaps a Monday afternoon/evening, Tuesday all day thing..

  16. Wow. All I can say is wow.
    I’ve just seen my first episode of BGWS, and what can I say. Very nice indeed.
    Keep up the good work, and greetings from Sweden.

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