BGWS 013 – Pizza Box Football

Pizza Box Football is a two player dice-rolling game where players take on the role of a play-calling manager. (15:53)

This week on Board Games with Scott, I’m taking a look at Pizza Box Football and its expansion. This game can be played at various levels, based upon the rules that you decide to play with. I’ve never been a sports fan, but I get a kick out of this game.

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Board Games with Scott 013 – Pizza Box Football
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  1. Bill said

    Is it my imagination, or does this episode lack a grade at the end?

  2. No, I chose not to give a grade for this game.

    The basic flow of:

    – Make one decision
    – Roll lots of dice and consult tables

    is something that you will either enjoy or hate. In addition, the varied sets of rules make it a
    light or heavy
    and a
    long or short game.

    I didn’t feel there was one rubric I could apply for a consistent grade, and felt the viewer had enough information to decide if it interested them.

  3. I’ve watched this episode and listen to Paul Travis’s review over at Have Games will travel and am still at a loss as to how this game compares to many of the popular football games that have gone before. Before euro games I used to play lots of football games (AH Football Strategy & Paydirt), Strat-o-matic Pro Football and even SPI’s football game.

    I can only assume that the new generation of gamers haven’t played the old time classics.

  4. Matt said

    I liked the way you incorporated the saxophone into your review.:)

    Although I like dice games, when I’m looking to buy a game, theme is an important element. Since I’m not a football fan, I wouldn’t buy Pizza Box Football.

    However, if someone asked me if I wanted to play, I would give it a try. Theme is only important to me when I’m looking to buy a game; it’s not something I take into consideration when I’m asked to play a game. If it’s a game, I play it.

    I’m looking forward to your next review.

  5. KS said

    How about an episode featuring games that work well with two players!

  6. Jeff H said

    Yay for random Muppet Show references!

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