BGWS 010 – Indonesia

Indonesia is a long, heavy eurogame involving logistics of production and delivery and the business of mergers and acquisitions. (33:53)

This week, I’m talking about a heavy game – Indonesia by the folks at Splotter Spellen. These are the same people who created other hefty games like Antiquity and Roads and Boats. A game of Indonesia will take 3-5 hours to play. It’s a business and logistics game where each player runs a set of production and/or shipping companies, dealing with logistics and finances. The company that you have built can be bought out from under you in a nasty acquisition, so keep enough cash on hand to protect your work!

Note – just as the game is long, this episode is long as well, at just over 30 minutes. I wanted to fully explain the game (after breezing through Friedrich, I got many comments from people wanting longer shows when the game warrants it.) I’ve also started creating High-Quality video versions of my show, and if you are investing the time, you might enjoy that experience as well.

Board Games with Scott 010 – Indonesia at YouTube (Streaming Flash)

Board Games with Scott 010 – Indonesia (lower-quality Quicktime)

Board Games with Scott 010 – Indonesia (high-quality Quicktime)

BGWS 010 Audio Only

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  1. joel said

    Great review….makes me want this game even more.

  2. Ferox said

    How about next time, you pick a less, uh… silly? picture. Just a friendly suggestion.

  3. Aaron said

    I enjoyed your review and even learned one rule (not that I have ever had a case where it would matter – didn’t know you could upgrade another player’s hull capacity).

    However, on one point you are apparently doing something odd and suggested it was a problem when it isn’t. Operations income in the final turn is doubled. You suggest that this causes a problem because you have to keep money aside (in case it needs to be doubled). This is not the case. Whether the game will end on a given turn is always known at the end of the Acquistions phase which occurs BEFORE the Operations phase. Thus, going into the Ops phase you know if this is the last turn and can simply make double payouts. I in no way try to separate out curent income for the turn from my other Cash.

    I think this game really needs a FAQ and completely agree about the board graphic design problems but it is still my favorite released game of 2005 by a fairly wide margin.

  4. Jeff H said

    Ferox said,
    “How about next time, you pick a less, uh… silly? picture. Just a friendly suggestion.”

    Because then it wouldn’t be the Scott that we’ve all grown to know and love. For me, it’s all about the silly pictures.

  5. Matt said

    Your review made me want to eat a gigantic bar of chocolate. 🙂

    I like the humor you use in the reviews, it makes them entertaining.

  6. Naturelich said

    Scott, you are doing a great job in ruining me. Had to buy the game because of your review… 😀
    Now, I only need a few hours of spare time to play it with my friends…

  7. enes said

    great review. my english is not good enough but i can learn to play game easly.when i watch review second time after play one game all rules and moves are clearly understood.
    thank you much scott

    enes from turkey

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