BGWS 008 – Why Did the Chicken…

Why Did the Chicken… is a light party game about making up the punchlines to jokes. (9:52)

When is Coffee like a Bear?
When it’s a-brewin’! (a bruin? get it? har har.)

Why Did the Chicken… is a party game based upon jokes. This week, I take a look at this party game. It’s a creative party game that will allow you to develop your sense of humor while having fun.

Also, it’s the first Board Games with Scott contest! You’ll have to watch the vlog to learn the details! Thanks to Play Again Games, publishers of Why Did the Chicken…, for sponsoring this contest.

Beware: Groaners Ahead!

BGWS 008 – Why Did the Chicken… at YouTube (Streaming Flash)

BGWS 008 – Why Did the Chicken… (large Quicktime .mov) and in other formats at the Internet Archive

BGWS 008 Audio Only

If you’d like to try the game, there’s a live online version available at Boardgamegeek!

Purchase the game (and support BGWS) at Funagain.

You can discuss this episode or learn more about the game at Boardgamegeek.

If you purchased this game because of Board Games with Scott, let the publisher, PlayAgain Games, know!

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.


  1. zaph said

    Love the rimshots!

  2. Jeff said

    Man, I hope it didn’t take too long to clean your glasses!

  3. Sébastien said

    The jokes were a bit much…really. Still, it gave a good idea what a horror an evening with “why did the chicken” would be for me 😀

    thanks for yet another good review!

  4. Anonymous said

    Hi Scott,

    I just wanted to tell you that I loved this episode and your podcast in general. It’s well done and I love your enthusiasm!

    Mark from Chicago
    (BGG: joeyhemlock)

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