BGWS 007 – Lost Cities

Lost Cities – A light two-player card-based game of exploration.(10:50)

Lost Cities
is one of the most popular small-box two player games by Kosmos (imported by Rio Grande). These games have the flavor of a more complex Eurogame, buy cialis but are easier to play and are designed specifically for two players. This game has gotten popular enough to be featured as an event in the World Boardgaming Championships.

Board Games with Scott 007 – Lost Cities (Flash)

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BGWS 007 Audio Only

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  1. Anonymous said

    the “shaking” Caylus line was genius!

  2. Anonymous said

    Hey Scott, great review. You certainly have a talent to explain a game very clearly… The “theme” – approach works very well (nice hat ;). Great to watch!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it.. it’s all the “payment” that I get, so feedback is certainly welcome.

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