BGWS 006 – Mah Jong In Depth

Mah Jong is a traditional tile-based game similar to Rummy, good for all ages. (23:04)

Happy Chinese New Year! To honor the new year, this week’s episode is about Mah Jong!

Mah Jong is not about matching pairs of tiles, despite the hundreds of computer games with that name. This is akin to calling a game ‘Cards’ simply becuase it uses playing cards. This week’s episode is a longer one – about 22 minutes – as I’ve decided to cover Mah Jong in depth. After my rush through Friedrich a few weeks ago, people requested that I take longer when the game demands it, so I’ll try that.

I’ve also moved from Imovie to Final Cut Express for editing, so you’ll see some other tweaks here and there.

Board Games with Scott 006 – Mah Jong In Depth (streaming Flash)

Board Games with Scott 006 – Mah Jong In Depth (Quicktime)
or other formats at the Internet Archive.

BGWS 006 Audio Only

You can find more information about Mah Jong at Boardgamegeek.

Purchase Mah Jong (and support BGWS) at Funagain.

Here is the handy-dandy reference sheet that I use for play. I do realize that purists of the game will have their own variants – just make sure everyone agrees before play as to the ruleset used.

Want to discuss this episode? A good place to do this is at this thread at (While there, if you enjoy BGWS, give it a Thumbs Up to make is easier for others to find it as well!)

Side Note – I got the outfit I’m wearing in Beijing when I taught a class there this summer. I kept a running blog of my travels – if you’d like to read about the trip, start at my blog and use the “Next Day” link to read each day of my trip.

Next week, I’ll be looking at the two-player game Lost Cities.

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.


  1. Ogma said

    Picture quality seems much nicer, but the audio levels were a tad all over the place. Might want to look at normalizing them in the future somehow. Thanks for another VERY interesting show!

  2. Jugular said

    I’m enjoying this series, however I’m surprised you’re reviewing such a classic and ancient game. I hope to see more recently released and modern Euro games. For example, I wouldn’t expect to see you reviewing Backgammon or Chess, I just imagine they’re so well covered in many other places (on and off-line).

  3. Actually, I’m going to be doing many types of games. For example, I do plan on discussing Go someday.

    While many of the reviews will be the modern Euro-style games, I plan on being broader than that in my coverage. I’ll do some out-of-print games, a CCG or two, commercial party games and even a light wargame.

    My goal is to have different types of games each month so that everyone can find something they are interested in and, perhaps, be introduced to something they hadn’t thought about (like Mah Jong).

  4. ogma said

    I have to say that I wasn’t all that excited when I heard that you were going to do a Mah-Jongg show, but in the end, I loved it and I just ordered myself a nice set! Looking forward to that show about Go!

  5. Reno said

    Félicitation pour cette superbe vidéo.

    Great’s for your mahjong video. I talk about your video on our french mahjong ‘ website

    Tx you


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