BGWS 005 – Heroscape

Heroscape – A light miniatures battle game that is good for kids and adults.(12:13)

Based upon a suggestion from a viewer, I’ve decided to look at a game that you can get at your local toy store (as compared to the specialty shops for many of these games). This is a miniature battle game called Heroscape, and you might have seen it advertised on TV. It is expandable in that they put out additional miniatures for it, but not collectable in that you know what you are buying in every package.

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You can also download the whole file in MPEG-4 format (Quicktime) or in other formats from the Internet Archive.

BGWS 005 Audio Only

You can also learn more about Heroscape at

Purchase Heroscape (and support BGWS) at Funagain.

(Oh, you can listen to the episode of BoardGameSpeak/GeekSpeak to which I refer at; it’s at about 46:30 in the episode.)

Next week, I’m going to be trying a slightly different form with “Mah Jong In Depth” (and no, it’s not just about matching pairs of tiles). Based on comments from the viewers on the Friedrich episode, I’ll do longer episodes when it’s appropriate for the game.

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  1. schenker said

    Nice video. I was glad to finally hear the story about Hot Lava Death, because at the geek I saw some references to it that didn’t actually explain the back story.

    By the way, what happened with some of the video overdubs? It sounded like some numbers were changed in post production?

  2. Anonymous said

    Another excellent vlog, Scott! Bravo!

    Just for fun, I’d like to see regular appearances of Darwin.


  3. Anonymous said

    Another excellent vlog, Scott! Bravo!

    Just for fun, I’d like to see regular appearances of Darwin.


  4. Tom said

    Just thought I’d let you know there’s a typo in the description:
    “compated” should be “compared”

    Great job with the vlog, it’s really fun and helpful to watch!

  5. As schenker noted, some of the numbers were corrected in post-production. After the original posting of the video, some of the folks at noted a few factual mistakes I made in my patter. So, I fixed them – at least to the best of my abilities. 🙂

  6. Ed S. said

    I’m enjoying your vlog. This episode in particular actually instigated my purchase of the game! Haven’t had a chance to play yet, but I’m getting together with some friends this coming week to solve that problem.

    Thanks for your informed opinions and clear explanations.

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