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Golden Geek Award Voting and Going, Going, GONE! runs the Golden Geek awards each year.  The voting is currently open and closes on February 17.

Going, Going, GONE!, my new board game,  has been nominated for Best Party Game of 2013.  If you are a supporting user of BoardGameGeek, then you are eligible to vote.  You can vote at

If you haven’t tried GGG but want to know more, I’ve produced several videos about the game.  You might have seen the Board Games with Scott episode that I produced about it:

but you might not have seen the PG-13 Drinking Game variant video:

or the Harlem Shake video that I filmed during the BGG.con GGG tournament:

After watching these, if you think that Going, Going, GONE! is worthy of your vote for best Party game for 2013, please visit before February 17th and select Party Game to cast your vote.


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