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BGWS 066 – Simultaneous Auction games

Scott talks about several Simultaneous Auction games, treatment including Amun-Re, Homesteaders, Peloponnes, and Cyclades. (21:29)

In this episode of Board Games with Scott, host Scott Nicholson takes a look at several different simultaneous auction games, including Amun-Re, Homesteaders, Peloponnes, and Cyclades.

(note – I make one mistake in the Homesteaders rules. In Homesteaders, if you are outbid, you may rebid on the same track.)

Download Board Games with Scott 066 – Simultaneous Auction games from the Internet Archive. (other formats available).


Watch it here via YouTube:

You can order these games through Funagain Games:
Vegas Showdown

If you do decide to buy any of these games due to Board Games with Scott, please contact the publisher and let them know. This does make a difference, as it helps the publishers to realize the importance of what we are doing.

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Changes to Social Media

No new episode yet, but one will be coming soon.

I’ve changed around some of my social media sites, and wanted to let you know the new addresses so you can keep up with me. I got tired of Facebook mixing up my various personal and academic lives, so I’ve changed how I’m broadcasting there.

If you want to keep up with me:

Facebook (use the “Like” button to subscribe to these feeds):
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Scott Nicholson’s tweets (which get piped into the first FB space above and here as well):
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