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BGWS 065 – Flicking Games and Catacombs

Scott talks about four Flicking Games – Tumblin’ Dice, Pitchcar, Crokinole, and Catacombs. (20:25)

Welcome to the BGWS 2.0! In this rethinking of the show, Scott moves away from focusing on just one game per episode, but instead does more comparing and contrasting. There will still usually be at least one new game involved, but the focus in the show will be more of a study of a mechanic, a theme, or a lineage of game. Scott won’t be teaching you the rules any longer, as there are many other video series that do that.
Download Board Games with Scott 065 – Flicking Games and Catacomb from the Internet Archive. (other formats available).


Watch it here via YouTube:

You can order Tumblin’ Dice, Pitchcar through Funagain Games (once they are back in stock)

You can get Catacombs from the company that produces it, Sands of Time games. If you do order it, please send them a note and let them know it was because of BGWS! This makes a difference in helping the publishers realize the impact of these types of shows.

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The Only BGWS You Ever Need

On this special day of April 1, I have decided to put together The Only BGWS You Ever Need. This is dedicated to those who have seen many of my videos. If you are new, I’d suggest you watch some other videos first.

You can also get this video directly as an m4v at the Internet Archive or you can get it in other formats there.

This was inspired by A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever.

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