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Scott’s Stuff – Top Game Experiences for 2009

While I’m taking a break from doing the full Board Games with Scott episodes, I will continue to release some content over on my YouTube channel in my “Scott’s Stuff” series. When there is something appropriate for BGWS viewers, I will cross-post it to this feed.

I did a discussion of my Top Ten Gaming Experiences for 2009. I’ve covered some of the games here and others may be new to you.

You can watch it at

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Taking a Break…

Well, my muse has not yet returned. I’ve played some games that I’ve really enjoyed – Peloponnes and Chaos in the Old World are both games I considered making a video about. But I think about making a video, and the drive just isn’t there.

I don’t want to say that I’m ending the show, as I’m getting ready to step down from a pretty big administrative load at work, and I’m hoping that once I’m through with that, the interest will return.

But for now.. I’m taking a break from the show.

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