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Blatant Plug – Tulipmania 1637

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I’ve designed my first board game, called Tulipmania 1637. It’s a stock market game that replicates the bubble market that was in 1637 regarding the price of tulip bulbs that almost destroyed the dutch economy. I made the game after visiting the Tulip museum in Amsterdam and learning all about Tulipmania, and wanted to pass along the lesson of how bubble markets occur and the role of unethical people in these markets. You are one of these less-than-ethical investors trying to take advantage of the innocent Tulip Buyers.. and each other.

It’s planned to be published in October (and as soon as I get a copy, I’ll make a Blatant Plug Video about it.)

But, if you want to explore it, the publishers have created a version that you can try online for free until the game comes out.

You can read the rules and download the software to try the game at

and you can preorder the game with a discount at

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BGWS 045 – Board Games with Scott 045 – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a modern eurogame that combines strategy and tactics about building an effective plantation in San Juan. (34:29)

Puerto Rico is one of the top-ranked games at BoardGameGeek and is one of my favorite games. That said, it is a medium-complexity game that offers a new player a large number of choices. Puerto Rico broke ground in the way that turns were handled and many games have taken inspiration from it over the years. This is also one of my most-requested games, and I surprised several of those requesters by asking them to look at an early version of the video (thanks for responding, Keith and Louis!)

To enjoy this video, you can watch it below:


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I’m also playing around with Vimeo. You can try watching the video below:

Untitled from Scott Nicholson on Vimeo.

If you have feedback about Vimeo as compared to the Internet Archive versions, please let me know! (

You can order Puerto Rico through Funagain Games. If you do decide to order the game because of this episode, let the folks at Rio Grande Games know, as this does make a difference!

Comments on this episode? Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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