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Scott on Local TV – “Food for Thought – Board Game Segment

It’s not a full-blown episode of Board Games with Scott, but it’s a video about board games. The show that inspired me to start the series is off the air, but the host is now doing a cooking show. He contacted me and asked me to be on the show, so I offered up a segment on “After Dinner Games”.

I demonstrated:
– Felix, the Cat in the Sack
– Portrayal, and
– Rattlesnake .

By the way, when you play Felix, before you start bidding, you get to see the first cat in the sack; I didn’t show that correctly. Also, the table was a little slanted, so Rattlesnake was harder than it should have been. But, when it’s time-pressed recorded-live TV, things happen!

Since this one is short, I put it up on YouTube:

You can also grab it over at the Internet Archive at (32 MB)

Discuss this segment over at Board Game Geek at

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