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BoardGameGeek Guild

In case you are interested, I’ve started a BoardGameGeek Guild about Board Games with Scott. This is where I’ll talk about what I’m up to, what games I have planned to make videos about, and offer forums for other chit-chat about the show.

You will need a BGG account to join, and then you can sign up at

(p.s. I still can’t find my camera! It was one of the last things to be packed, so now I’m suspecting it is in a box labeled for a different room, like (shudder) “Storage”. The unpacking continues…)

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Getting closer…

We’re moved into the new place (and still have had no offers on the old one). I’ve put up track lighting in the basement for my filming, but I have not yet found the box with the video camera. It’s somewhere.. in a box…somewhere…

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