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Boardgame Broadcasters Panel


We’re closing on our new house tomorrow (after weeks of delays) so I won’t be putting up an episode for another few weeks as we repair the new house and then move in. (note – our current house remains unsold, so if you are looking or know someone who is looking in the Syracuse area, please point them to MLS# 173519).

I was the organizer and moderator of a panel called “Meet the Boardgame Broadcasters” at Origins, and Jim Van Verth of The Vintage Gamer recorded the panel and put it up on his site. It features me, representing both Board Games with Scott and the On Board Games podcast, Tom and Sam from the Dice Tower, Dave and Stephen from The Spiel, and Jim from The Vintage Gamer, and Mark and Jay from The Metagamers. We talk about our shows and have a lot of fun.

You can listen to this panel over at
where it says “Standard Podcast”.

If you want to discuss it, there is a thread at Board Game Geek

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