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Won “Best New Game Blog, Podcast, or Videocast”

The folks at the Gone Gaming blog (a community blog for boardgames) just announced their 2005 awards. These go to the (in their opinion) best contributions by the board game community in the last year, remedy and is the result of a month-long procedure of nominations and deliberations.

I won two awards!

My “Board Games with Scott” vlog won the “BEST NEW GAME BLOG, PODCAST, OR VIDEOCAST” award for 2005.

In addition, my appearances on our local PBS station won the “BEST PROMOTIONAL OR ADVOCACY ARTICLE” award as well. This is what started my vlog, and you can see these at

You can see all the awards!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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BGWS 006 – Mah Jong In Depth

Mah Jong is a traditional tile-based game similar to Rummy, good for all ages. (23:04)

Happy Chinese New Year! To honor the new year, this week’s episode is about Mah Jong!

Mah Jong is not about matching pairs of tiles, despite the hundreds of computer games with that name. This is akin to calling a game ‘Cards’ simply becuase it uses playing cards. This week’s episode is a longer one – about 22 minutes – as I’ve decided to cover Mah Jong in depth. After my rush through Friedrich a few weeks ago, people requested that I take longer when the game demands it, so I’ll try that.

I’ve also moved from Imovie to Final Cut Express for editing, so you’ll see some other tweaks here and there.

Board Games with Scott 006 – Mah Jong In Depth (streaming Flash)

Board Games with Scott 006 – Mah Jong In Depth (Quicktime)
or other formats at the Internet Archive.

BGWS 006 Audio Only

You can find more information about Mah Jong at Boardgamegeek.

Purchase Mah Jong (and support BGWS) at Funagain.

Here is the handy-dandy reference sheet that I use for play. I do realize that purists of the game will have their own variants – just make sure everyone agrees before play as to the ruleset used.

Want to discuss this episode? A good place to do this is at this thread at (While there, if you enjoy BGWS, give it a Thumbs Up to make is easier for others to find it as well!)

Side Note – I got the outfit I’m wearing in Beijing when I taught a class there this summer. I kept a running blog of my travels – if you’d like to read about the trip, start at my blog and use the “Next Day” link to read each day of my trip.

Next week, I’ll be looking at the two-player game Lost Cities.

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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BGWS 005 – Heroscape

Heroscape – A light miniatures battle game that is good for kids and adults.(12:13)

Based upon a suggestion from a viewer, I’ve decided to look at a game that you can get at your local toy store (as compared to the specialty shops for many of these games). This is a miniature battle game called Heroscape, and you might have seen it advertised on TV. It is expandable in that they put out additional miniatures for it, but not collectable in that you know what you are buying in every package.

Board Games with Scott 005 at You Tube (streaming Flash).
You can also download the whole file in MPEG-4 format (Quicktime) or in other formats from the Internet Archive.

BGWS 005 Audio Only

You can also learn more about Heroscape at

Purchase Heroscape (and support BGWS) at Funagain.

(Oh, you can listen to the episode of BoardGameSpeak/GeekSpeak to which I refer at; it’s at about 46:30 in the episode.)

Next week, I’m going to be trying a slightly different form with “Mah Jong In Depth” (and no, it’s not just about matching pairs of tiles). Based on comments from the viewers on the Friedrich episode, I’ll do longer episodes when it’s appropriate for the game.

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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BGWS 004 – Adel Verpflichtet / Hoity Toity

Adel Verplichtet is a classic eurogame about choosing actions secretly based upon what you think the others will pick. (9:28)

This week in Board Games with Scott, I take a look at a game that I’ve got some sentimental feelings for, Adel Verpflichtet. This is a blind selection Eurogame that was Game of the Year in 1990. This game also was my “gateway game”, meaning it’s the first Eurogame I ever played. Adel Verpflichtet is out of print, but has been reprinted as Hoity Toity.

Board Games with Scott 004 at You Tube (streaming Flash).
You can also download the whole file in MPEG-4 format (Quicktime) or in other formats at the Internet Archive.

BGWS 004 Audio Only

Purchase Hoity Toity at Funagain.

More information about Adel Verpflichtet / Hoity Toity can be found at BoardGameGeek.

If you purchased this game because of Board Games with Scott, then let the local publisher, Uberplay, know!

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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BGWS 003 – Friedrich

Friedrich – a heavy euro/wargame hybrid where one strong player takes on the others using a card-driven combat system. (12:35)

This week on Board Games with Scott, I take a look at Friedrich. This game is much deeper that other games I’ve looked at so far, but part of what I’m going to do with Board Games with Scott is to try and cover games across the spectrum of the board game hobby. Friedrich is a hybrid Euro/wargame that is an excellent crossover game to allow folks who have played Euros and are curious about wargames to try something with a bit of the wargame flavor.

Please note – due to the tools used and the compression, the close-up example of some of the textual cards is not very clear.

I’m also looking into some of the other video hosting solutions (instead of YouTube). is the best place to see the videos, no matter where they move.

Episode 003 – Friedrich at YouTube (Streaming Flash)

If you are having trouble with YouTube, you can also download the MPEG-4 file directly or get a lower-quality one at the Internet Archive.

BGWS 003 Audio Only

More information about Friedrich can be found at Boardgamegeek.

Purchase Friedrich at Funagain.

If you purchased this game because of Board Games with Scott, let the publisher know!

Discuss this episode over at BoardGameGeek.

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Welcome to Board Games with Scott!

Welcome to Board Games with Scott!

With the new year, I’m announcing the formal start of the “Board Games with Scott” video blog (or vlog). I’ve got some content up already for you to enjoy, and plan to post a new game every week.

My goal with this project is to take a game and talk about it, then provide a brief review. I’m a teacher by trade and see this as an educational project – I want to teach you the basics of the game and give you enough information to help you decide if you want to try or buy it.

The focus in the segments will be on the explanation and not on the review. I’ve found that different people enjoy very different things in games. My hope is that I’ll provide you with enough information to let you decide if the game is something you’d be interested in. In addition, if you are planning on trying a new game, my vlog will give you a leg up on learning the game. I’m not going to be explaining all of the rules but I hope to give you enough to help you decide if the game is right for you.

I’ll also be doing special episodes that are outside the normal explanation/review format. I’ve already got one special episode that explains the basic major categories of these types of games.

Feedback is certainly welcome at

I’ll be posting announcements of the new entries at Boardgamegeek, there’s an RSS feed at, and if you are a LiveJournal user, you can add the feed from

Finally, if you’d like to get an e-mail when this vlog is updated, I’ve created a FeedBlitz e-mail feed for it at

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