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BGWS 002 – Hoopla

Hoopla – a cooporative party game made by the Cranium people.(10:04)

This week, I talk about the party game Hoopla. This is mostly an explanation and example of how the game works, with a bit of review at the end.

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Special Episode – Board Games 101

Class is in session! (32:14)

In response to a request, I’ve created a half-hour tutorial talking about the current landscape of boardgames. In this vlog, I first discuss the four major weights of boardgames and then address game mechanics through brief discussions of about 30 games. You can find the list of games at

You can view Board Games 101 at YouTube (Flash)

You can also download the high quality file for Board Games 101 (Quicktime) or get it in other formats from the Internet Archive.

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BGWS 001 – Vegas Showdown

Board Games with Scott, Episode 001 – Vegas Showdown

Vegas Showdown – a light euro/family auction-based game about building properties in Vegas. (9:34)

This is my first shot at making a videoblog. There are a few technical issues to work out, such as making the sound more regular, but it’s done with technology I had at home. If this continues, I’ll look into additional technology to make the sound smoother (like a videocamera with the ability to use an external microphone).

I’m hosting the video with YouTube; it’s a free service that provides smooth access to the videos. I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll change format and hosters, but the URL should take you here.

YouTube Flash Version (higher quality, embedded flash video)

Downloadable QT version.
Other versions at the Internet Archive.

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Scott on HourCNY

This all started with two segments I made live for HourCNY, a local PBS news show. Each segment is a discussion of 4-6 games. You can view these segments at

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