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No BGWS in January / Scott’s Stuff in iTunes


Between an early-January trip, a late-January trip, and the start of a new semester, I had about one free week. However, I ended up getting a nasty cold for that week. So, there won’t be a new episode this month.

I have continued to do my short videos on Scott’s Stuff. Some of them are short boardgame reviews. I am enclosing my “10 top game experiences of 2008” episode in this post. You can download it directly or watch it here:

You can find these videos at

Bernhard “3b” von Gunten at BoardGameGeek found a way for you to get these videos through iTunes!
If you’d like to see my Scott’s Stuff videos through iTunes, subscribe to:

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See you in February!

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BGWS 050 – Prophecy

Prophecy is a fantasy adventure boardgame where players build up mighty heroes to gain control of artifacts (30:20)

Prophecy, illness designed by Through the Ages designer Vladimír Chvátil, see was originally put out by Czech Board Games, sick and has since been published by Z-Man games and Altar games. It is a fantasy board game in the ilk of Talisman, where players build up characters to achieve greater things in life. Games like this and Descent have their roots in Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games.

In this episode of Board Games with Scott, Scott Nicholson explains how to play this game.

Watch it through Vimeo:

BGWS 050 – Board Games with Scott 050 – Prophecy from Scott Nicholson on Vimeo.


Download it from the
Internet Archive
in one of many formats,
Right-Click and save:

High-quality MPEG4 (243 MB)

Audio only (14 MB MP3)

You can order this game through Funagain games.

If you do decide to order the game because of this episode, let the folks at Z-Man know at or Altar games know at .

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BGWS 046 – 18xx

18xx is a series of complex economic train games where players invest and manage multiple train lines, set in the 1800’s. (42:03)

The 18xx series of games are a long-standing series of economic train games. Players invest in one or more train corporations and manage their routes on a board. In this episode of Board Games with Scott, Scott Nicholson discusses the series of the 18xx games. This episode is not traditional in that Scott doesn’t teach you a specific game. Since each game in the 18xx series is different, Scott focuses on the topics that most have in common. These games are long but can provide a rewarding and deep game experience.

Watch it through Vimeo:

Board Games with Scott 046 – 18xx from Scott Nicholson on Vimeo.

Download it from the
Internet Archive
in one of many formats, or
Right-Click and save:
High-Quality MPEG4 (420 MB)
Lower-Quality MPEG4 (130 MB)
Audio only (13 MB MP3)

You can order 1870 through Funagain Games (although it’s temporarily out of stock). If you do decide to order the game because of this episode, let the folks at Mayfair Games know at, as this does make a difference!

All of’s 18xx games can be found at

You can order 18FL through Deep Thought Games.

There are some sample 18XX games in a “Learning to Play” series at BoardGameGeek at and

There is a Yahoo group to discuss 18XX at

Also, a plethora of 18xx information is available at Keith Thomasson’s site –

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Scott on Local TV – “Food for Thought – Board Game Segment

It’s not a full-blown episode of Board Games with Scott, but it’s a video about board games. The show that inspired me to start the series is off the air, but the host is now doing a cooking show. He contacted me and asked me to be on the show, so I offered up a segment on “After Dinner Games”.

I demonstrated:
– Felix, the Cat in the Sack
– Portrayal, and
– Rattlesnake .

By the way, when you play Felix, before you start bidding, you get to see the first cat in the sack; I didn’t show that correctly. Also, the table was a little slanted, so Rattlesnake was harder than it should have been. But, when it’s time-pressed recorded-live TV, things happen!

Since this one is short, I put it up on YouTube:

You can also grab it over at the Internet Archive at (32 MB)

Discuss this segment over at Board Game Geek at

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BGWS 018 – Poker Chips

I’ve explored Poker Chips as a replacement for money in games, and this week’s episode explores the cheap to the expensive of poker chips. (26:41)

Announcement: Board Games with Scott is going Biweekly. When I started it, I had hopes that I would be able to significantly reduce the time to edit an episode. While I’ve gotten better, I’ve chosen to make a higher-quality production rather than cut corners, so I’m producing a better show in the same time. Rather than burn out and stop completely or make lower-quality shows, I’m going to produce one every other week. As time and content allows, I’ll create appropriate special episodes in selected off-weeks, but my regular game explorations will now be every other week.

This week I’m talking about poker chips. Earlier this year, I went on a quest where I started with my cheap chips that I’ve had for a while and started looking for some nicer replacements. I’ve been getting into the 18xx games where it’s really handy to have chips and thus my exploration began.

A note about poker chip breakdowns – I don’t talk about what amounts of what denominations to get. That depends upon what you plan to do with the chips. Look at the games you are replacing and consider those ratios in your chips. This site – – tells you what to use for a home poker tourney, but the needs for a poker game are very different than the needs for boardgames For my nice set, I got 100 each of the lower denominations and 50 each of the higher denominations, for a 650-piece set; I figured that was generic enough to handle most games.

You can watch the episode here:

Or Right-click and Save one of the these files:
BGWS 018, Low quality (47 MB)
BGWS 018, High quality, (273 MB)
BGWS 018, Audio only (32 MB)

Here are some links to buy chips:
Turf Club Clay chips (and other high-quality chips) –
Cheaper chips (Nexgen, diamond, etc.) –

(I’ve personally used both of these companies in the past. If you use the links above to make a purchase, you’ll be supporting BGWS.) is a good side for poker chip reviews and discussion.

In 2 weeks, I’ll be covering one of the big hits from the Gathering of Friends – Thurn und Taxis.

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Special Episode – Board Games 101

Class is in session! (32:14)

In response to a request, I’ve created a half-hour tutorial talking about the current landscape of boardgames. In this vlog, I first discuss the four major weights of boardgames and then address game mechanics through brief discussions of about 30 games. You can find the list of games at

You can view Board Games 101 at YouTube (Flash)

You can also download the high quality file for Board Games 101 (Quicktime) or get it in other formats from the Internet Archive.

BGWS Overview Audio Only

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Scott on HourCNY

This all started with two segments I made live for HourCNY, discount doctor a local PBS news show. Each segment is a discussion of 4-6 games. You can view these segments at

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