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BGWS Special Edition: Going, Going, GONE!

This special edition of Board Games with Scott is about my new game, Going, Going, GONE!, published by Stronghold Games.

Download the file at:


The list of variants that you can add to is at Board Game Geek.

You can keep up with what I’m doing at



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InPlay Video Reviews and Google+

I’ve been doing short video reviews for about 6 months and posting them to YouTube. These reviews are filmed during the play of the game, so they are much less polished and usually involve me talking with the players about their impressions of the game.

Most are under 5 minutes.

I’ve made about 30 of them so far, and you can find them all at

If you want to keep up with my YouTube video series, they are all posted in my snicholson channel at

You can also keep up with me via my public Google+ channel, which is at

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New research blog – Play Matters

I’ve started a new blog focused on my research on games called Play Matters. It’s going to be my main focus where I talk about what I’m going with serious games, games in education, and game design.

If you want to keep up with my scholarly view of games, you can do so at

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Teaching video of The Republic of Rome

As part of a charity auction on Board Game Geek for Tom Vasel, I volunteered to create a video (with a silly opening) on the game of the high bidders’ choosing. The winning game was The Republic of Rome.

You can watch the video here:

or download it through the Internet Archive at

This isn’t a return of BGWS, but a special video for the auction. I didn’t have a very good experience putting this together, so I don’t plan on doing this again.

If you’d like to talk about this video, head over to

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BGWS Closeout Auction

I’ve posted an auction on for over 100 board and video games from my collection that closes on May 22. You’re welcome to visit and bid, and if you find the minimum bid too high for you, you can place an offer that I’ll consider!

You can find the auction at

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CBS piece on board games

On a recent episode of CBS Sunday Morning, find I was part of a segment on modern board games. I think they did a pretty good job of covering the hobby, buy despite the “look at the weird people” opening segment showing people in RPG and video game costumes.

You can see the video at

and learn more about the filming of my segment at

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Game Sale and Updates


As I’ve closed down the show, I’ve decided to sell off about 350 of my games (which is about a third of my collection, so I’m not selling everything!) You can find information about the sale at

You can still hear me on the On Board Games podcast. I was particularly happy with Episode 58, where we talked about ideas we are working on as game designers. You can hear that episode at

During the last few months, I’ve been writing about games in two places.

First – I’ve been looking at larger issues in board games as the Game Professor over at Board Game Info. You can find these posts over at and there is an RSS feed at

Second – I’ve started a blog on Board Game Geek called “Get Off My Lawn.” This is a very different take about games – I’m taking aspects of games that bother me for some reason and talking about them. My hope is that it will help future designers to see things about their game that might bother some players. This is Grumpy Old Man Nicholson, who has been in the background for years during Board Games with Scott, enjoying his time to grouse about games. You can read these posts over at or get an RSS feed at

I will be doing a teaching video about Republic of Rome, as that was the winner in the auction for Jack Vasel. I’m reading the rules, but have a play of it on the schedule for later in April, so I expect to work on this video in May.

Finally, I am getting ideas for a “Things I Regret” BGWS video, where I do some of the bits and games that I truly regretted not getting around to for BGWS.

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Have a video made on the game of your choosing!

Tom Vasel, one of the inspirations for Board Games with Scott, recently lost his 2-month old son and is facing significant hospital bills. There is a fundraising auction going on right now for him.

I have donated a board game video on the game of the top bidder’s choosing.

So, if you are a publisher or designer wanting to get the word out about your game or just have a favorite game you want the world to know about, here is your chance.

You can bid on this at
through February 7th.

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BGWS: The Final Episode

Scott says farewell to Board Games with Scott (5:02)

In this show, Scott Nicholson says Farewell as he ends the Board Games with Scott series. Thank you to all of you for supporting the show.

Don’t unsubscribe to this feed, however; I plan to continue to update it with other board-game related projects that I’m working on. I’m taking on the role of The Game Professor over at, and you can find that over at

See you there!

Download Board Games with Scott – The Final Episode from the Internet Archive. (Other formats available).

or watch it here:

A big thanks to Funagain Games for all of their support on my Board Games with Scott series! They have been a supporter for a long time, and I encourage folks to buy games there, as they give back to libraries and schools:

To discuss this episode, visit Board Game Geek.

Scott is on On Twitter: = Scott’s life = Game reviews
On Facebook: = Scott’s Life = Game reviews

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BGWS 070: Breaking Up the Monopoly

Scott talks about games that might be good next steps after Monopoly. (17:56)

In this episode of Board Games with Scott, host Scott Nicholson talks about Monopoly. He takes each aspect of the game and recommends other games related to each aspect.

This would be a great episode to send on to those who are new to the world of modern board games! Here is a link you could use that skips the introduction and starts right at the Welcome for New Folks:

If you are new, welcome!

(Cultural Reference for the introduction: (NSFW) ).

Download Board Games with Scott 070 – Breaking Up the Monopoly from the Internet Archive. (Other formats available).

or watch it here:

You can order these games through Funagain Games:
That’s Life
Settlers of Catan
I’m the Boss
High Society
Monopoly Deal

If you do decide to buy any of these games due to Board Games with Scott, please contact the publisher of the game and let them know. This does make a difference, as it helps the publishers to realize the importance of what we are doing.

To discuss this episode, visit Board Game Geek.

Scott is on On Twitter: = Scott’s life = Game reviews
On Facebook: = Scott’s Life = Game reviews

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